Updates and Changes…Tram #10, Metro Blue Line, and Others…

In 1981, Bulgaria celebrated 1300 years since the founding of their country with this hideous monument that, in 30 years has crumbled to a steel skeleton. People have never really been able to get close due to pieces falling off and crashing onto the ground, and as of this week, the city has started to dismantle it.

It’s exciting to think that in less than two weeks, on August 31st, the blue line of the Sofia Metro will open,

A message stating route changes on tram #10. Expect more of these after the subway opens.

running from Obelya to Lozenets at James Boucher Blvd. This means that the construction altering many of the city’s transit lines will come to an end, and new lines will pop up using the metrostations as terminal points. This means that some of the information in my blog will be rendered obsolete, and for this I apologize. Progress is good however, and the Sofia Metro is set to alleviate traffic and dependence on old buses that run on fossil fuels, helping to clear up the city’s thick smog. Already the route for Tram line #10 has been restored, not stopping at Korab Planina, but continuing down Cherni Vruh Boulevard and turning around at the Hladilnika bus terminal, which is convenient for people in the center to get to 1) the U.S. Embassy, 2) buses to mount Vitosha, and 3) the Hotel Kempinski. The #9 tram still continues to run as a bus, and I haven’t seen any messages concerning its future.

I also have some unfortunate news: I will be leaving Bulgaria and stop posting on August 26th, as I will be returning to the United States. I will however, try to track major changes as well as I can and post updates, but it will be hard to document Sofia without being here. I am very disappointed that I will be leaving 5 days before the blue line opens. I’m gong to try and document as much as I can before I leave, and as always, thank you for reading!


The new section of the Serdika Mtrostation. Passengers transferring red line to blue line will use a tunnel connecting the stations, and can travel on the same ticket.


The new James Bouchier Metrostation on Cherni Vruh Boulevard.






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  2. sami

    the stops of tram line 10

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