Who am I?

I’m an American teacher living in Sofia, and the best thing I like about Sofia is the public transit. I recently co-authored a book: Bulgaria, an Other Places Travel Guide with my friend Leslie Strnadel, who like myself is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Bulgaria. Writing about Bulgaria has been much like opening a matrioshka doll; every time I think I know all about a place I learn something new.

Go ahead, ask me how to get somewhere...

Even though I’ve been living in Sofia for three years, there are large parts of the city that I haven’t been to. Armed with an “all lines” transit card, I’m going to write about every transit line in Sofia, where it goes, and where you can go while using it. I hope that you will find my blog informative and entertaining as I try to travel on every single transit line in the capitol. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or requests, I’d love to hear them!

Get on a bus and go somewhere!


10 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Wow, love your blog. Lots of love for the details. Well done! Thanks to @SneakyEli, who recommended your blog to me. 🙂

  2. Hi Pat,
    I am looking forward to coming to Sofia to try out some new transportation routes!
    Did you see the pics?
    All the best

  3. Hey, i am currently a TA in Sliven and while i don’t get to go to Sofia often it was still great to discover your blog to get ideas what to do around there.
    PS: is there no approximate schedule of the public transport up somewhere online?

  4. Manuel

    Thank you for your blog! I am doing an internship for 2 months in Sofia and I find this information and advices really useful. Thank you again =)

  5. Hello Patrick,
    Thanks for your wonderful blog about Sofia. We moved to Bulgaria 3 years and have set up an organic farm and eco retreat in the village of Palamartsa in Targovishte (www.wildthymefarm.org). We love it here and run a solar powered eco guesthouse and workshops in farmskills, Bulgarian cuisine and lots more. As we are just starting out, we wanted to spread the word about ourselves so hope you don’t mind us getting in touch. We have just been featured in an article in Guardian Travel on ethical farmstays in Bulgaria http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2013/jul/24/bulgaria-green-farm-holidays. If you’d like more information or can recommend useful sources that we could contact, we would love to hear from you. Best wishes, Claire (Coulter) & Chris (Fenton)

  6. Nicolas

    Hey Patrick!I am a greek student living in Sofia and i do mountain bike riding as a hobby.I asked some local where to go for riding and they told me about Vitosha mount.I would apprieciate it very much if you could tell me about the bus transport to go to the highest pick of Vitosha.Cheeres!!

    • When the weather was nice I would see people take their bikes on the #66 bus and then ride to the bottom on one of the trails. I’m not sure if the 66 line is working in the winter, but you can always take the Dragalevtsi Bus and then ride up some of the way.

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